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What A Load Of Randomage...

../->*La Dee Daa*<-\..

>>...this means nothing, nothing at all...<<
24 May
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../->*You Can Hold You're Breath Until Your Breathing Stops Forever, Forever, And The Only Thing You'll Get Is This Curse On Your Lips, I Hope They Taste Of Me Forever*<-\..

I'm Lauren. My Favourite Noise: **FALL OUT BOY** I <3 Napoleon Dynamite. & Lauren. & Ruby .. You Guys Fucking Rule! & Katherine, Shes My Bitch. & Ell Is Too. I Try To Play My Bass, Not Very Good Tho. I Lurve Mike Dirnt <3 Best & Hottest Gowd Damn Bassist In The World! I Lurve Going To Gigs! Green Day Fecking Ruled..& Billie Wanked Wooee & They Played Longview <3 <3 <3 Shout Out To Loo..My Gig Going Mateage :D Homegrown & NFG On Saturday Thee 12th :D & Then Simple Plan On The 22nd With Mon Gang Bang.. [Soph.Loo.Ell.Kat.Meeee] Tis Gonna Be Awesome <3 Wuv Yoo Guys! Mike Wants A Mention Cos He's Single Again..Bless..So Get In There Ladies! Cant Wait Til Summer Mate :D Wana Say A Thank Yoo To Steph <3 Si & Mike <3 Soph <3 Rhi <3 Greg <3 Ell <3 For Making Me B-e-a-utiful Pictures :) Lurve Yoo Guys :D Oh & Yeah.. I Love Ya Tom xXx

../->*Crap Sticks Fucking Shit Head*<-\..