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And It's Like One Of Those Days Where You've Been Kicked In The Balls...

Pretty shit day so far today, missed the bus, was late for skool, lessons were quite hilarious today though, espeshlee Maths {*The Dirty Whores*} lmao...making up new sexual positions :P Alex having a stress cos he thought i'd cut his hair with a razor...who takes a razor to skool?! Weirdo. Came home to find dad still not talking to me - he's in a stressage cos i had a go at him listing all the possible ways i could get to wembley to go and see Soph, Bess + Steph but nooo he wont let me - kat hasnt got McFly tix, damn you child!! :@ And now Soph + Bess are in a pissy with me cos i hate animals and ive "deeply offended" them with my "animals are pointless" theory. Ugh. Steph's trying to miss-make-up now, but i dont think thats quite working! Ugh they can be such bitches! PLAYING CLASH *SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO* ON BASS NOW!! Wahey :D and then he said we can do Longview *dies* Ok yeah tea bye xxx
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