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Napoleon Dynamite <333

Picked up kat...went to pizza hut...eat horrible spicy chilli things, nearly died of spiciness *LMAO*...went into star city..kat got chased by this freaky man dressed up in a bunny suit *LMFAO* she nearly cried! too funny!! Went to see >>NAPOLEON DYNAMITE<< and fuck me! It's the best film ive ever seen in my whole life! i was crying within the first 15 minutes! was only us and 2 men in the cinema, was so aces! :D If anyone reading this hasnt seen Napoleon Dynamite...go and see it...best gowd damn fucking hilarious movie ever! oohh <3 it sooo much! ..becoming a bit obbessed me thinks! *haha* -/- feel bad for tom even though i have nothing to do with the situation, but hes upset about it all :( poor guy. still deciding the plans for tommorrow night..to jens or not to jens..we will be pissed :D weyy. aces! night xXx
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